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Cabinet Mobile 2.0: Document Management Anytime, Anywhere

These days, work is a 24/7/365 proposition. That means you need access to business-critical documents anytime, anywhere. Cabinet Mobile 2.0 makes it possible.

With Cabinet Mobile 2.0, you can call up client information and documents during an off-site meeting. Enter form information on the go. Even collect a legal signature on a contract or amendment, right on your tablet, making mobile document management simpler than ever.

Cabinet Mobile 2.0 offers the same level of functionality on three different operating systems – iOS, Android and Windows 10, providing Cabinet SAFE users with more capabilities to reach mission-critical documents on the go.

What can I do with Cabinet Mobile 2.0?

  • Find, access, edit or delete any existing document in your SAFE or SAFE CLOUD document management repository.
  • Mark folders and documents as favorites for instant access.
  • Instantly send documents and copied text to third-party apps.
  • Accept digital signatures from clients and prospects.
  • View document information/metadata.
  • Create new documents using your device’s camera or select images from photo albums.
  • Add predefined files using Cabinet templates.
  • Import files from other apps.
  • Add, create and edit new folders, notes or documents.
  • Email documents directly to receivers via Open in.
  • Login with Touch ID technology.
  • And much more!

Cabinet Mobile 2.0 require a Cabinet SAFE CLOUD or Cabinet SAFE license to operate. A Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to the SAFE repository is required to send and retrieve information.

Give Cabinet Mobile 2.0 a Try!

Download the Cabinet Paperless app on your iOS, Android or Windows 10 device today to take your documents mobile.