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Cabinet SAFE CLOUD: Content Management in the Cloud

Content Management in a Secure Cloud Environment

If you want enterprise-class document management and business process automation capabilities without adding servers and infrastructure, Cabinet SAFE CLOUD is for you.

aicpaSAFE CLOUD offers the same great features as the traditional SAFE EDMS suite. The only difference is that it’s hosted in our secure, redundant cloud environment, rather than your servers.

That means:

  • Minimal software for you to install
  • No enterprise hardware for your IT staff to maintain
  • A cash flow friendly subscription pricing model

From disaster recovery to security, we handle the logistics to your specifications … you just get to work.

SAFE CLOUD content management clients have telephone and email access to Cabinet technical support, ongoing web-based training, daily data backups and automatic software upgrades, all at no additional charge.

All transmissions to and from the SAFE CLOUD server are encrypted, and documents stored in SAFE CLOUD are 100 percent your property — they can be modified or removed from our servers at any time.

Three Reasons to Take Paperless to the Cloud.

1. Security – Cabinet SAFE CLOUD is hosted in redundant, enterprise-level data centers in the Southeast U.S. Physical access is strictly controlled with biometrics and 24/7/365 monitoring, and virtual access controls are just as tight. Professional staffing, redundant HVAC systems and state-of-the-art equipment protect against data loss. Doing the same internally would be cost-prohibitive at best.

2. Disaster Recovery – If the worst happens – a fire, a flood, a tornado – is your data secure? Could you get back to work in a few days? Or would your business be shattered? With SAFE CLOUD, the infrastructure to access and use all mission-critical documents anywhere is always in place, and backups are always up-to-date.

3. IT Staff Focus – By hosting documents and the core document management application in our secure, private cloud, you can free up your valuable IT resources to focus on value-add activities. Leave the everyday to us; free your people up to be the visionaries they can be.

SAFE CLOUD: Your business. Paperless. Contact us to learn more, or schedule a no-strings-attached online demo today.