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Healthcare document management software

Modern Electronic Medical Records systems are extremely effective at managing point-of-care documentation. But what about the rest of the documents – paper and otherwise – that are generated every day in a healthcare facility?

Healthcare document management softwareThere are lab reports, consultations, referrals and legal paperwork to be attached to patient records. And then there’s everyday back-office administrative files from accounts payable and human resources. An EMR system can’t keep all that straight.

SAFE healthcare document management software can.

Fully HIPAA compliant, SAFE healthcare document management is a unique tool that allows healthcare facilities to manage all of their documents without paper, improving efficiency and security and cutting back on the costs associated with lost files and redundant work. And because SAFE’s robust integration tools allow it to work in conjunction with existing EMR systems, authorized staff members are never more than three mouse clicks away from any document – allowing nurses, receptionists, support staff and doctors to accomplish more with less effort.

Your workflow. Paperless.

Available both as licensed software and SaaS hosted in a secure, private cloud, SAFE healthcare document management software is the ideal solution for any health care facility — large or small.

SAFE healthcare document management software helped Zangmeister Center deal with a massive backlog of records and patient charts. Click here to read more.

SAFE healthcare document management software is dramatically more efficient, secure and sustainable than legacy filing systems. But that doesn’t mean its implementation comes with a steep learning curve and an initial drain on production. At Cabinet, we only deploy our software after an in-depth discovery process, allowing us to customize SAFE healthcare document management software to your existing business practices and rules. The result is an efficient, fully digital version of your existing workflows, working hard from Day 1 to create maximum efficiency — and ROI — with minimal ramp-up time and disturbance.

SAFE: Healthcare document management software

Cabinet has provided document management solutions to the industry for more than 15 years. We guarantee your success and will help you every step of the way. Our experts will assist you during the installation, train your people, and provide on-going phone and internet support. When you call us, a human answers the phone and directs your call.

SAFE allows you to:

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Case Study: Habilitative Services, Inc.

Habilitative Services, Inc. provides customized support and services to people with mental and physical limitations. With over 600 clients, the organization of HSI’s documents was scattershot and filing mistakes were common. That all changed after choosing Cabinet. Learn more. 

SAFE: Your manufacturing facility. Paperless. Contact us to learn more, or schedule a no-strings-attached online demo today.