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Is Cloud-Based Human Resources Document Management Software Secure?

The definitive answer – and what else you should consider when deciding where to deploy HR DMS.

Historically, locally installed software that runs on premise has been viewed as a safer choice by human resources departments. However, Cabinet provides both cloud-based and on premises options for our customers, and most of our HR customers are using our CLOUD product.

The development of exceptionally secure and robust cloud solutions really makes the on premise versus cloud decision a coin toss in terms of security. As long as your document management software solution provider can provide proof of their security and controls, like SOC2 certification, you can be assured they’re taking data protection seriously. So what should you consider when deciding whether to deploy your human resources document management software on premise or in the cloud.

Consider Comprehensive Cost.

When you look at monthly fees for cloud versus licensing fees for on premises, the cloud option typically appears to be more expensive over time. However, if you truly add the cost of hardware, maintenance and IT support, you will find that cloud options are really more in line with the comprehensive cost of running a document management software solution as an installed application on your servers.

Plus, project implementation is streamlined with the cloud approach because of minimal need to involve IT resources (people and hardware). This allows you to get your project up and running faster – on your timeline.


Are You Equipped to Handle a Disaster?

Offloading disaster recovery responsibility to your document management software provider can be viewed as a huge advantage to many HR departments. While many on-premise installations often place the burden of disaster recovery firmly on the shoulders of you internal IT department, a good cloud-based system has disaster recovery built in. Of course, with Cabinet, as long as your organization’s IT department is performing regular backups and restore testing, disaster recovery can be accomplished with either on-premise or cloud installations.